TechMachinery LabsTM

Removing Incentives from Non-Compliances

TechMachinery LabsTM is a product-based company focused on on innovative products and solutions in the areas of Track and Trace, Blockchain, IoT and Edge Computing, Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, and Cybersecurity. We have been solving the most complex problems in these domains using technologies such as Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics, Computer Vision, Edge Computing, and many other such technologies.

Our Offerings

What We can do for you

Asset Tracking and Provenance Technology

Machine Learning and Geo-Location based Track and Trace solution for tracking and Inventory Management of assets and items.

TrustyFi Insight Anti-Counterfeiting

Machine Learning based Anti-counterfeiting solution to find out if the product is fake/counterfeit and show Analytics-based insights.

Cybersecurity Innovation

TrustyFi® TrustLoops based security solution takes care of every aspect of security irrespective of the current maturity level and security posture.

What makes us stand out

TrustyFi® Core Platform.
The possibilities of using TrustyFi® technology for creating products and reusable API-bases services in Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Track and Trace, and other such areas is immense.

  • Extensible and Open Framework
  • Views for Businesses and Users
  • Options to use the independent services as you go
  • API based integration with existing solutions

Where can you find us

Gurugram Office

215, Tower-B4, Spaze I Tech Park,
Sector-49, Sohna Road,
Gurugram – 122018,

Bengaluru Office

WeWork ETV,
Embassy Tech Village
Outer Ring Road, Bellandur
Bengaluru – 560103
Karnataka, India



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